The Local Food Movement Takes Root

Theatrical Bookings & Community Screenings

We are please to offer INGREDIENTS for community screenings through our new distribution partner, Collective Eye Films.

Hosting a Community Screening is a fun way to inspire, empower and educate friends, family and neighbors about sustainable local food. Please join our event-driven INGREDIENTS ” Who’s your Farmer?” screening tour and help bring together local farmers, chefs, nutrition and environmental advocates and everyone who likes good food.

To find out more about how to Host your own Ingredients Community Screening, please contact us though Collective Eye Films:
Ingredients Screening Coordinator.


“This beautifully made and photographed film’s very positive tone was the antithesis of last year’s FOOD, INC. which was a scathing, but well deserved, indictment of agribusiness. This fabulous and informative film will make you hungry and have you running to the nearest farmers market eager to eat what’s in season and grown locally. Highly recommended!”Mark M Corcoran, The Independent

“Ingredients was one of the most expertly crafted and most effective documentaries about food that I have ever seen.”Eric Shlapak,

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